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Raising Resilient Children

Raising Resilient Children

“A good half of the art of living is resilience.”
― Alain de Botton

It’s not too late to join us in The Homeschool Alliance for March’s topic: Raising Resilient Children. The monthly webinar, for Alliance members, will be Tuesday, March 21, 2017.

What is resilience? In a nutshell, resilience is the capacity to “cope and feel competent.”

Resiliency is reflected in how our child manages when presented with a challenge, in how easily they bounce back from disappointments and in how they learn to relate comfortably to others and to treat themselves and others with respect.

A key factor in the development of resiliency is having at least one stable and committed relationship with a supportive parent, caregiver, or other adult. So we parents can and do make a difference!

Join us in The Homeschool Alliance this month as we talk about resiliency and learn how we can create an environment where our children can learn what they need to approach their lives with confidence.

The Homeschool Alliance

In the Alliance this Month: Bringing History to Life

The Homeschool Alliance: Bringing History to Life

The Homeschool Alliance is hopping! After a great start to the new year, we have found our groove and we want you to join in on the fun.

We have so much planned in February!

  • Bring history to life! Add enchantment into your homeschool by helping your kids discover that history is about so much more than simply memorizing names and dates.
  • Teach your kids about making and managing money by joining our one-thing challenges.
  • Be refreshed by our bi-weekly A Gracious Space: Winter LIVE readings. Join in the ongoing discussion of the rewards as well as the challenges of this homeschool lifestyle. Breathe a little easier and learn to trust that homeschooling does not have to be as hard as it sometimes feels.

Don’t let the winter doldrums get you down. The personal support in the Alliance is just the antidote you need. Take advantage of the space the Alliance provides to slow down and re-discover the heart and soul of your homeschool.

$24.95 a month. Quit anytime!

Join Now

Image by Brave Writer mom, Linda

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*NEW* Poetry Teatime Custom Blend: Gilgamesh Herbal Tea

Named for the oldest written poem in human history, “Gilgamesh” is a fruit and herbal blend with a warm spice flavor profile that is slightly sweet. It’s perfect for children just learning to enjoy a cup of tea with hints of the season: apple, cinnamon, and pomegranate.

Each tin contains enough loose tea for about 15 cups. If you don’t use a teapot and diffuser, no worries: we’re including a package of paper filter tea bags with each tin.


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A Gracious Space: WinterA Gracious Space: Winter

A Gracious Space: Winter Edition gives you brand new readings for the next leg of your year’s homeschool journey. Daily readings are provided to give you support and encouragement in your homeschool adventure. These 50 non-sectarian essays are designed to offer you new ways to think about homeschooling, comfort for when you run up against your limitations, and energy for tackling your highest aspirations!

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Nurturing Brave Writer Families DVD SetNurturing Brave Writer Families DVD Set

Brave Writer’s core teachings about writing and home education are now available as professionally produced DVDs!

These five discs, filmed at the “Nurturing Brave Writers Retreat” in Cincinnati, explore how to create a nurturing relationship with your reluctant writers, the importance of partnering with students for their writing and academic growth, the elements of the Brave Writer Lifestyle, how to create a homeschool that matches the one you wish you had, and the essentials necessary for high school writing and college preparation.


Poetry Teatime CompanionPoetry Teatime Companion:
A Brave Writer Sampler of British and American Poems

Poems for the whole family! Available in a paperback print edition, this illustrated, full-color volume of poems hand-picked by Brave Writer is organized by season and theme. The Poetry Teatime Companion presents 52 poems by 52 poets, to cover a full year of Poetry Teatimes. Includes brief biographies, questions to think about, and a few activities to try.

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Poetry Teatime Tea CoziesTea Cozies

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Grow as a Home Educator with The Homeschool Alliance

Coaching Community: The Homeschool Alliance

“It is literally neurobiologically impossible to build memories, engage complex thoughts, or make meaningful decisions without emotion…Put succinctly, we only think about things we care about.”

“Even in academic subjects that are traditionally considered unemotional, such as physics, engineering, or math, deep understanding depends on making emotional connections between concepts.”

This month in The Homeschool Alliance, we are looking at the relationship of emotion to learning. Just how important is it to foster connection through joy, curiosity, caring, and connection? Apparently it is critical!

December will be a retrospective where we’ll look at the most popular discussions that we’ve had over the last two years, so that new people will have a chance to catch up and get the “juice” out of the Alliance.

In January, we’ll dive right in and talk about motivation, yours and your children’s. How do we stay motivated? What creates motivation? What is counter to it?

The Alliance is a fantastic way to grow as a home educator in all the ways you really care about—deeper engagement with learning, membership in a community of like-hearted home educators, and meaningful material to read. I also provide audio lectures and coaching for your homeschooling needs as you post your concerns and stories.

You can join for a year at only $15.00/month!

Want to know more? Let me introduce you to The Homeschool Alliance—the website, the monthly practices, and the philosophy.

In the following video I answer questions like:

  • What kind of coaching do you provide?
  • How much time will it take to participate?
  • Can I ask questions about my family specifically?
  • Do you, Julie, give personal feedback?

We cover it all!

Join The Homeschool Alliance!

Tailor-Made Homeschool

The Homeschool Alliance
Plan your upcoming school year with The Homeschool Alliance!

No more “One-Size Fits All” homeschool programs. During the month of July we’ll create a tailor-made routine that fits you and your family.

Join in July and

  • receive guidance from a veteran homeschool coach (me!)
  • learn how to apply your educational philosophy to your routine
  • create a workable plan you can actually carry out
  • maximize your strengths and gifts
  • capitalize on each child’s individuality, natural aptitudes, and passions
  • gain the confidence to ease up, to retool, and to adapt

Take advantage of my support and input as you work through materials designed to help you know your family better, and to plan concrete practices and projects that will be good for all of you. And it’s all done in a safe space where you are encouraged to take risks.

You can cancel any time!

Sign up now for The Homeschool Alliance to make progress in your homeschool all year. It’s $24.95 a month or sign up for a year for $179.00 and save $10.00 per month on the cost!

The Homeschool Alliance