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Boomerang Book Club: August 2019

Whether you’re taking a trip this summer or staying close to home, your kids can go on the ultimate adventure with our August Boomerang Book Club selection: THE HOBBIT by J.R.R. Tolkien.

It doesn’t get more epic than this! Fantasy is ‘all the rage’ in teen literature— but this is a bonafide classic you’ll be thrilled to add to your teen’s list. 

Plus class tuition includes a free copy of the Boomerang guide based on the book.

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The lives of all Middle Earth lie in the balance as Bilbo Baggins joins a rag-tag company of dwarves to reclaim the Arkenstone from the mighty dragon, Smaug. Enter dramatic encounters with giant spiders, wizards, and goblins. (As well as the faithful, conniving and ever-present Golum! Love him or hate him!)

Teens get full-on obsessed with Tolkien’s world. Are you ready? Pick up the book, sign up for the Boomerang Book Club, and make it ‘the summer they read The Hobbit’! After class, they can go on to watch the movies and devour Middle Earth lore.

A rich array of experiences await!

Boomerang Book Club

Arrow Book Club: August 2019

Got big readers at home this summer, devouring library books one by one? We’ve got a way to make those books last a little longer! A book club!

Save yourself the hassle of hosting though! We’ve got it all laid out for you.

Log in to the Brave Writer classroom and find:

  • enthusiastic conversationalists—all reading the same book
  • thought-provoking questions and discussion points
  • exposure to diverse opinions, new friends to be made!
  • a writing coach moderating the discussion and providing activities
  • opportunities to dig deep in the parts of the book that fascinated them

All you need to do is provide the snacks!

Plus class tuition includes a free copy of the Arrow guide based on the book.

[This page contains Amazon affiliate links. When you click on those links to make purchases, Brave Writer receives compensation at no extra cost to you. Thank you!]

Next up in our Arrow Book Club (ages 9-12) is a favorite: Mrs. Frisby and the Rats of NIMH by Robert C. O’Brien! 

The story centers on an unusual group of rats with the ability to solve even the most puzzling problems—and a mouse with a perplexing problem to solve. With the threat of the farmer’s plow looming, Mrs. Frisby must find a way to keep her son, Timothy, warm and safe while he recovers from his illness. Can the extraordinary Rats of NIMH help her?

Here’s our little secret. Our book clubs are a wonderful sneaky way to draw out the writer. They think they’re chatting with new friends online. You know they’re gearing up for September!

Arrow Book Club

Summer Writing Classes: Activity Ideas

Brave Writer Online Classes

Brave Writer’s online classes make for celebrated summer memories! Are you waiting to get started?

Your experience with Brave Writer isn’t confined to the 3-6 weeks of class time. We’ll teach you how to engage your kids— beforeduring, and after your class.

We’ve listed a slew of ideas below for you!

Sign up for a class that starts in a week or two, then try a few of the activities to get even MORE excitement and learning in with your kids!

Pre-Class Activity Ideas

Ready? Summer writing was never more enjoyable!

Middle School Writing ProjectsEmbrace the power of in-person saturation in a topic! Go to the ACTUAL brick and mortar library (I know!) and:

  • Browse—pull books related to the topic.
  • Explore—move two shelves over—what’s there? Two shelves down?
  • Immerse yourself for the afternoon. Curiosity sparked!

Expository Essay: Exploratory and PersuasiveControversy is everywhere! Teens don’t know it’s the foundation of persuasive essay writing—you do!

  • Type in a topic like “sports” into a search engine. What comes up? 
  • NOW, type in “sports + controversy” — and stand back!
  • Search for the controversy in every topic: rock climbing, Fortnite, chewing gum. 
  • Proceed to Big Juicy Conversations galore!

Movie Discussion ClubTime to snuggle up with our movie selection! Make the experience inviting for your kids! 

  • During your next trip to the store, pick up different types of popcorn.
  • Do a taste testing at home and find your favorite!
  • By the way, your kids will remember this… FOREVER.

Penning the PastInvestigate the pop culture of days past! 

  • Choose a time period and place your kids are interested in.
  • Research the most popular movies and books from that time period.
  • Grab a playlist of songs that were hits—the new soundtrack to your summer!
  • Hit the thrift store for bell bottoms, bandannas, costume jewelry—groovy!

Get the biggest bang for your buck! Prime the pump with our engaging activity ideas, take a class, then print out class PDFs to continue the writing activities at home. 

You’ve got a whole summer full of fun and writing waiting for you!

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Brave Writer Online Classes

Middle School Writing Projects

Middle School Writing Projects

Got a middle grader who is stuck in a writing rut?

We’ve got the class for you: Middle School Writing Projects!

This online class was designed to let your kids take the writing risks they crave. 

Students pick their own project type
Fact Book, “How-to” Report, Newspaper Article, One-Page Narration, or PowerPoint/Keynote Presentation.

Our writing coach shows them the principles behind their chosen project type and offers them writing strategies to fulfill their goal.

Students choose their own topic
Terracotta warriors, the brain and music, dogs and health, Hermione Granger, Australian wildlife, how to write a comic. You name it!

Our writing coach demonstrates how to narrow the topic appropriately, collect information, and mold raw material into a finished product.

We love a deep dive here at Brave Writer!

Our Middle School Writing Projects class offers

  • an introduction to writing formats
  • immersion into a topic kids love
  • short bursts of writing to keep motivation high
  • academic practices like planning, revising, editing
  • experience doing research and taking notes

What students say:

I love how we were allowed to choose whatever we wanted because it really makes a difference if we love what we write since we are more fired up by the topic. – Brooklyn

During this class I have really understood how to make a non-fiction article! – Selah

I wasn’t much of a writer before this class and to me writing was just getting my point across to the other person. Now, writing has more depth and has new beauty. – Alana

Your student will take the reins in our Middle School Writing Projects class—with all the same support and feedback you expect from a Brave Writer class. A perfect pairing!

Middle School Writing Prompts

Journey Into the Past

Penning the Past online writing class

Got a child obsessed with

  • American Girl books?
  • Magic Tree House?
  • Civil War battles?
  • WWII facts?

We have an online writing class for you! Take Penning the Past!

Historical fiction is enchanting to kids. Now they have a chance to try their hand at this fascinating genre.

You’ll be surprised how well non-fiction and fiction blend together to engage even your most reluctant writers!

Why is historical fiction a great entry point to creative writing?

Many of the story elements are READY before they start! The setting, conflict, even the characters might be something your kids already have imagined.

ENTHUSIASM is built in! This is your child’s chance to take that historical event they’re obsessed with and run with it!

Parameters associated with historical fiction (time, place, etc.) act as GUIDANCE for your writers. Having a ‘container’ in which to develop their stories actually gives them more to write about!

Students build ACADEMIC SKILLS as they research. The differences between primary and secondary sources, accuracy and editing their work all come into play.

This class is a fantastic compliment to TRAVEL. Follow up a family trip with a deep dive into the world they’ve been visiting! 

See what students say:

Thank you so much for this amazing class! You have really helped me to grow as a writer! Thank you for the new experience! – Abby 

I have not been to Pompeii, but I visited a travelling exhibition last month at the Australian National Maritime Museum showing some of the Pompeii artifacts. It was so interesting to see their real jewelry, strongbox, bread, other food, bowls etc. I was able to feel connected with the people and life at that tragic time. – Manu

Allow your child to be TRANSPORTED to another place and time with Historical Fiction


Penning the Past