The Brave Learner Conference Panelists

The Brave Learner Conference

The Brave Learner Conference

As we’re planning our big summer bash I just have to share some sneak peeks with you (otherwise I’ll burst from all the secrets!).

Today’s behind-the-scenes reveal is: The Brave Learner Conference Panel Session!

Four amazing homeschooling entrepreneurs will share the stage for a special conversation. I’ve invited them to share how they’ve put the Superpowers of Learning (from The Brave Learner) into practice.

The best learning comes from hearing other perspectives.

You’ve heard me share a swath of information about my own family! You’ll get the chance to learn from a variety of personalities who currently homeschool a range of ages:

Kara Anderson

Brave Learner Conference Panelist Kara Anderson

Kara S. Anderson is a writer, podcaster and speaker with a BIG goal of helping moms find joy and magic in their days with their kids.

Through her writing and her podcast, The Homeschool Sisters, Kara encourages parents in real-life homeschooling. She also has a special interest in helping mothers take good care of themselves during these years at home.

Kara is a former newspaper woman, and loves sharing language with her two children every day through reading aloud, poetry, audiobooks, word games, long talks and big juicy conversations.

You can find her at, and on Instagram.

Caitlin Curley

Brave Learner Conference Panelist Caitlin Curley

A school psychologist, Caitlin Curley is mom to three terrific little teachers, unexpected homeschooler, and podcaster.

Cait truly believes that homeschooling *CAN* be almost all fun and games. Her homeschool days are filled with delicious books, incredible games, and a patchwork of creative resources.

You can find her blogging at My Little Poppies, chatting with Kara on The Homeschool Sisters Podcast, or playing games with her favorite trio in the granite state!

Cait is also one of our book club leaders, a member of Brave Writer’s Online Writing Class Instructors.

Alicia Hutchinson

Brave Learner Conference Panelist Alicia Hutchinson

Alicia Hutchinson is a homeschool and mom blogger, a podcaster, and a business owner with a heart for the weary mom who feels like she’s not good enough. She especially loves to connect with moms who are on the brink of throwing in the towel and putting their kids back on the big yellow school bus, because she believes that through a little bit of self-love and a whole lot of simplifying, you can homeschool your kids and love it too.

Alicia’s shares this encouragement through regular blog articles, courses, podcasts and her IG feeds. She’s been homeschooling her 4 kids for 11 years and loves to share her personal stories–both the good and the not-so-good.

Brave Writer was an easy choice for Alicia, because she grew up with an amazingly creative mother who lived out the Brave Writer Lifestyle even though it wasn’t even invented yet. She loves movies, reading, deep conversations, and giving her kids an enchanted education.

You can find her on her at and

Also look for her on IG: @learningwell and @overatalicias

Mary Wilson

Brave Learner Conference Panelist Mary Wilson

Mary Wilson is a writer, a Brave Writer writing coach, and mother to four kids ranging from elementary to high school. She believes that creativity, laughter, and fun are the backbone to engaging and inspiring homeschools. She shares homeschool ideas and encouragement on her website, Not Before 7.

She is also a member of the Brave Writer staff and publishes Party School Book Club ideas which are included in the Arrow and Boomerang language arts guides. She loves this opportunity to add pixie dust to literature and encourage families to celebrate learning.

Mary lives in North Carolina with her husband and four children. She enjoys traveling, tea (iced or hot), good conversations, and books. You can find her on Instagram and Facebook.

These four lovely panelists can’t wait to meet you at The Brave Learner Conference in July!

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