Read-Aloud Revival Podcast

Reading with Teens: Big, Juicy Conversations

Brave Writer teamed up with the vivacious Sarah of Amongst Lovely Things for a Read-Aloud Revival episode!

The Read-Aloud Revival is is a regular podcast hosted by author Sarah Mackenzie, mama of six, where she talks with educators, authors, and others dedicated to helping parents read aloud to their children and build a family culture around books.

In our “Reading with Teens & Big Juicy Conversations” podcast:

  • find out what reading aloud with teens might look like,
  • how to start a poetry tea habit,
  • and how to, in general, enjoy being with your kids.

Listen to the podcast!

PLUS there’s a podcast opportunity for kids! Children can use the recording device on Sarah’s website to share a little about their favorite read-aloud then they may be featured on an upcoming episode during the “Let the Kids Speak!” segment. Find out more about it here (scroll down).

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