Conversations in the car count

So much good education

You’re driving along discussing how far the sun is from the earth when one of your kids wants to know if the song on the radio is by One Republic, another one then asks if you can stop by the store to get a starfruit because she heard about it from a book she’s reading, and then another one declares that he knows a shortcut home. The toddler then throws his pacifier to the floor and the 9 year old steps on it while trying to pick it up. Of course.

In the span of fifteen minutes, you’ve covered all kinds of interesting information, as well as have heard snippets of what is filling your kids’ heads all day, in addition to the inevitable interruptions of life with kids.

Count it all.

Write it down.

It’s okay that you have incomplete discussions. You’ll circle back to them over time. Remind yourself that conversation is the homeschool equivalent of classroom lecture. These conversations are often best had in a car, anyway. It’s when you’re all trapped in one space and talking is the main thing that can be done in that space. Use it well! Ask a provocative question: “How many whole chickens could we fit in that semi? How might we figure it out?” Brainstorm ideas, take guesses, figure it out when you get home.

Ponder other questions: I wonder how long it would take to ride a horse to the store rather than drive a car. Discuss.

You might discuss the pop star or the lyrics of a song. You might comment on the birds on the telephone wire, wondering which ones they are. You might ask about a game recently played or a book being read.

Talk in the car! Count it. So much good education happens, literally, along the way.

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