Dread turned into joy!

Little boy writing with pencil
Brave Writer mom, Aimee, writes:

“Wow! This class [Kidswrite Basic] took my dread for teaching writing into joy! My children and I relaxed and actually had fun with the exercises that Kirsten Merryman walked us through. She is an excellent coach. I don’t think of writing as a chore anymore now that I have some tools under my belt for getting the creative juices flowing.

“The first exercise we did on explaining how to draw something really clicked for my children and I. Following that up with the description of an object through the five senses solidified what it means to communicate with the reader for me, and I will always go back to that when helping my children with their writing.

“Freewriting was also a new experience for us, and I have to say…that is really ‘freeing’! The free write takes the edge off and allows writing to happen naturally. I loved that! Learning to go back and free write little sections that needed polishing was also great! So many little gems I will keep with me!

“Thank you so much! Oh, I also really liked Kirsten’s comments on how to tell the story without telling it. I’m not ever going to let my children write things like, “he is cute” again. They have to describe how he is cute so that the reader automatically knows he is cute! That is so great, and my children get it!”


Meet the teacher, Kirsten Merryman!

Kirsten-MerrymanKirsten holds a B.A. in foreign language education and an M.A. in French with a focus on developing writing and reading skills. She has taught French and Spanish at the middle school, high school, and college levels, and spent a year teaching English to students at the University of Caen in France.

She wrote her first novel as part of National Novel Writing Month and writes fan fiction with her daughter for fun. When she’s not thinking up new stories to tell, you can find her cooking, tinkering with robots, or dreaming about her next trip.

Learn more about Kirsten here.

You can still sign up for Kidswrite Basic for the winter quarter!

Image by Carissa Rogers (cc cropped)

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