Join me at the NOT Back to School Summit!

BlueArmsHeadshot -smallThroughout the month of September, Home Education Council of America is hosting a series of more than 60 workshops with more than 20 speakers (including me!) – all online, all for FREE!


The Secret to Breakthroughs in Writing – Sept. 9th @ 1pm Pacific
Programs, curriculum, homeschool gurus—they all miss it. Yet it’s so simple! You’ll walk away from this seminar knowing exactly what to do to change the dynamic around writing in your family…for good. In fact, you can turn your writing program around in one step, once you know what it is and follow through. Your entire paradigm about writing instruction will shift once you understand the fundamental principle that creates the desire to write and the pride in having written.

Take a Risk: Have the Homeschool of Your Dreams! – Sept. 17th @ 1pm Pacific
The fantasy homeschool that lives in your imagination is a good one. It’s haunted by a little invisible spirit called “The Ghost of Public School Past.” Her name is Mrs. Cox, she holds a red pen, she whispers in your left ear: “By this age in school, your child would already be…” Make it stop! That voice leads you to do all kinds of schoolish activities in the name of “taking education seriously.” It also leads to all kinds of unhappiness, tedium, and feelings of failure. What would happen if you could “brush her off your shoulder”? What can you do to gain confidence to follow the fragile, bright vision you have of how life at home could actually be? Let’s explore a new kind of homeschool paradigm together.

Don’t Let High School Writing Scare You – Sept 23rd @ 11am Pacific
The essay format lasts for about 8 years (high school and college). It’s designed to make the lives of teachers and professors easier—to make grading simple. If you and I had dinner together, I could teach you to write an essay on the back of a napkin! What’s missing in most writing programs for high school is the thinking component. Let’s look at how to develop the rhetorical imagination of your teens so that they have something of worth to put in all those essays, and so that they can take that quality thinking into their lives beyond college.

Simply visit the HECOA website today and register to get your all-access pass to the entire month, from the comfort of your home. There will also be replays for a limited time – in case you have to miss one.

See you there!

UPDATE: The response to the webinars has been so great that the HECOA website sometimes struggles with the heavy traffic. So, if you get an error message when clicking on their link above, just refresh the page. You should be able to get on after one or more tries.

2 Responses to “Join me at the NOT Back to School Summit!”

  1. […] i’m looking forward to a bunch of free webinars coming up in September.  Julie Brave Writer will be speaking on September 9th, 17, and 23rd.  i heard Julie speak about helping your struggling writer.  i don’t have struggling writers, but even still, it was time well spent.  her “authentic writing voice” really shines and her gentle, loving, grounded approach to writing and homeschooling can throw the lights on for you.  and did i mention it’s free?  go sign up already. […]

  2. […] enjoyed your talk on the Not Back to School program and just had to write because I came up with the funniest idea for dictation yesterday with my 10 […]